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Welcome to SGTurner Art

As an abstract expressionist artist working from a strong focus upon layers  —  layers discoverable not only through my creative technique,  but discoverable as mysteries within myself as a woman, and as treasures found within community — my intention is to create marks, processes, and experiences of worthiness that honor identity and bear witness to freedom.  Using elements of art such as lines, shape, and color to express my emotions on the most intimate level gives me joy in connection, and a feeling of worthiness at having created beauty, especially as others respond to these elements.

Exploring Layers is a medium through which I can share my passion for encouragement, communicate my commitment to inspiring and treasuring others, and mirror enthusiasm for life both personally and within community.

My work is my mark on beauty, awakening a greater confidence and reveling in connections and receptions of value, belonging, freedom and joy.



Cover Photo: 

“Double Meaning”  (2017)   8×8 Mixed Media on canvasDouble Meaning by Shelley Graham Turner